Privacy Centre

We take privacy very seriously. Protecting your information and respecting your privacy is fundamental to the way we do things.

We collect and hold data for the purpose of providing holiday accommodation services. We may keep your information in a written form and/or a digital form. The records will include basic details about you, such as your name, address and contact details. In some cases, we will also have your bank details if you send us a cheque.

We do not share any of this data with anyone else and only retain this data for the purposes of providing a service to our guests.

We are required by Articles in the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017 to provide you with information in the following subsections:

What personal data we collect and why?

We collect your name, address, email address and telephone number(s). Additionally we may have information about number of children in your party and the ages of children. Such information is collected for the sole purposes of enabling you to make and pay for a booking to stay at our self catering accommodation, and for us to be able to contact you with information about the services we provide and directions, as well as finding out your time of arrival, and to prepare the accommodation appropriately for your stay. All data is collected directly from you, and also occasionally from the Airbnb website, when you make a booking through that source.

What steps do we take to keep your personal data secure?

All such personal data is held on a password-protected computer in our office. Additionally we keep paper records with the same information. The office is not accessible by guest without specific invitation. If you choose to pay by cheque, we would see the cheque which shows your bank and account number, this is paid into our bank without recording any of this information.

Sharing and disclosing your personal data:

We do not share or disclose any of your personal information to anyone, and hold it for the sole purpose of providing a service to you.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Personal data is stored until December 31st of the year following your holiday with us.

Access your data and other rights:

You have the right to access any personal information that we process about you and to request information about:
• What personal information we hold about you
• The purpose of the processing
• The categories of personal data
• How long we intend to store your personal data for
• If we did not collect the data directly from you, information about the source

If you believe we hold any inaccurate data about you, you have the right to ask us to correct the information. Please email or telephone +44 1481 252 966

Download a PDF copy of our Privacy Notice
Online Privacy
Third-party providers we use

Hosting provider we use is 100% compliant with EU GDPR, see Data Hosting & Storage section of our Privacy Centre.

If you have made your booking via the Cottage Guide you can review their Privacy Policy by following this link.

Safe browsing of our website

Our website uses secure encryption protocols and does not collect any personal information that can be used to identify an individual. When you visit our website your IP address is used to help us identify traffic flows for marketing purposes and additional demographic data such as gender or age may be available to us through Google Analytics if you choose to share such information by default in your own browsing preferences.

Such data is only used by us in order to identify general browsing behaviour of our visitors and is not shared with any third party or used for any other purpose.

Data hosting and storage

Our website is hosted on a dedicated secure private server with UK Data Residency Guarantee, which means that any data transferred or collected stays within the UK. Additionally, our hosting provider is bound by the GDPR code of conduct including reporting any data breaches with Risk Assessment Reports should any data becomes vulnerable. This means that should any of your data be at any time stolen or breached we will notify you about such breach and will advise you regarding the level of risk to you.